A collection of my favorite kitchen tools and gadgets that I use to make eating in a way that fights inflammation easier.

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Digital Kitchen Scale

For weighing out portions.

Kitchen Tongs

For grabbing hot vegetables out of steamer basket.

Olive Oil Sprayer

I have two of these. One is filled with olive oil for spritzing cooked food. The other with avocado oil I use as cooking spray.

Extra Large Cooking Sheet

For over-roasting large amounts of vegetable at one time.

Heavy Duty, Large, Aluminum Foil

This longer roll of aluminum foil is good for lining the extra large cooking sheet to make clean-up a breeze.

You may be able to find cheaper at your local market or big-box store. Look for foil that is 18 inches wide.

A Good Knife

A good, sharp knife makes it so much easier to cut vegetables and is actually safer because it it is less likely to slip. But, you must keep it sharp. This is my usual knife.

Knife Sharpener

To keep that your knife sharp. This is the one I use. It is easy to use and comes with safety gloves.

Basic Ninja Smoothie Maker

This basic, powerful, Ninja blender is great for quickly making veggie-packed smoothies.

Ninja Smoothie Maker + Blender

This Ninja makes it easy to make veggie-packed smoothies but also doubles as a traditional blender

Extra Large Ninja Cups

These 32-ounce Ninja blender cups allow you to make a veggie-packed smoothie that is also a complete meal.