Valerie Bachinsky is an experienced master’s degree prepared Registered Nurse with a bachelor’s degree in health education. Diagnosed with osteoarthritis (OA) in both knees at the young age of 27, she didn’t let it derail her active lifestyle. Instead, it marked the beginning of a personal journey through the complexities of OA.

Her journey intensified when a rock-climbing accident resulted in a complex ankle fracture, subsequent two-year recovery, and an additional OA diagnosis in her ankle.

A turning point came years later when her OA symptoms worsened, and conventional treatments offered minimal relief. A highly stressful job further exacerbated her symptoms, prompting her to take a bold step—leaving her job to prioritize her health and her battle against OA.

Utilizing her academic prowess and professional experience, she dove into the available research on OA management, unearthing the potential of lifestyle modifications—including diet, weight management, regular exercise, stress management, and prioritizing sleep—to mitigate OA symptoms and slow its progression.

Battling her own personal hurdles, she fought a challenging war against emotional eating and self-sabotage, a battle which she won through studying habit change and adopting a deeply nurturing approach to self-care. This journey culminated in a 50-pound weight loss over a year and a significant improvement in her OA symptoms, enabling her to reclaim her love for hiking and rock climbing.

Today, she is not only living her dreams but also fulfilling her mission to guide others living with OA. Her invaluable experience, both personal and professional, has equipped her with a profound understanding of OA.