Valerie Bachinsky is a Registered Nurse with a Master’s degree in Nursing and a Bachelor’s degree in Health Education. Specializing in a proactive approach to wellness, Valerie provides nurse-guided wellness solutions for individuals looking to maintain and improve their health. Inspired by her own health challenges, she has turned her personal experiences into a professional mission to enhance overall well-being.

Valerie’s takes a comprehensive approach to helping people achieve wellness by integrating mind-body strategies, particularly for those at risk for or living with chronic conditions. Her expertise is supported by scientific knowledge and focuses on lifestyle modifications.

Dedicated to empowering others, Valerie shares effective strategies and offers support to enhance personal wellness. Her own journey through health challenges provides her with unique insights into the physical and emotional dimensions of living a healthy life. Valerie’s mission is to guide individuals through their own wellness journeys, helping them reclaim their activities and passions.